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Multi-Parameter Test Kit

For Parameters like Total Hardness, pH, Chlorine, Iron, Fluoride, Silica, Calcium, Zinc, Alkalinity, Sulphate etc.


Our Multi-Parameter Water Testing Kit is available in one single pack for multiple parameters therefore in one single pack various parameters can be analyzed increasing the convenience and Portability. These are ready to use test kits for on field analysis of water.

Products Range

Swimming Pool Test Kit

The quality of swimming water can make a major difference on the quality of your swimming experience.

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Boiler System Water Test Kit

Boilers are systems which generate steam, which consists of two principal parts: the furnace and the Boiler proper.

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Cooling Tower Water Test Kit

Water is required to be cooled for many processes, for example air conditioners, manufacturing processes or power generation, etc.

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Drinking Water Test Kit

Drinking water is supposed to be safe for consumption by humans and animals. Water may be naturally safe, or it may need to be treated in order to be safe.

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RO System Test Kit

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a modern process to purify water for a wide range of applications, including semiconductors, boiler feed water treatment, food processing etc.

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Purified Water Test Kit

Highly purified water is an essential component of biopharmaceutical industry. It is used as an ingredient in both research procedures and drug formulations and also for general cleaning, rinsing, etc

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