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Rakiro Pen Type TDS Conductivity Meter

Code : AM-P-EC

Range : 0 -9990 PPM & 0 – 9990 µs/cm

Category : Pen Type Meters

Price(Rs) : 995

Product Details

Our range of portable Pen Type meters are economical range of easy to use and reliable hand held pen type meters. An important feature of the testers is the compact single chamber design. The meter gives accurate readings with its Built-in temperature sensor and can be easily calibrated. The meter is provided with an Auto Off function o enhance the battery life of the LR44 batteries. Also a hold function helps the user to Read and Record results with ease and convenience.  These meters are cost effective and come encased in a protective carrying pouch for safety and portability.


Features :
> Fast, Reliable and Accurate measurement.
> Compact Single Chamber Design
> Built-in Temperature Sensor
> Auto Shut Off Function to Enhance Battery Life
> Hold Function for Ease of Read & Record> Easy Calibration.
> Available in a Portable Pouch.


Technical Specification:
Parameter TDS & Conductivity
Model AM-P -EC
Range 0 -9990 PPM & 0 – 9990 µs/cm
Resolution 1/10 PPM
Power 3V x 2 Lithium Batteries LR44
Accuracy ± 2% FS
Temperature 0 – 80 Deg C
Dimension 35 mm x 155 mm
Weight 55g



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