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Rakiro Multiparameter Meter Lite

Code : AM-P-AL

Range : pH Conductivity/TDS/Temp

Category : Handheld Meters

Price(Rs) : 6100

Product Details

 Multiparameter Meter Lite

Our Pen Type Multi parameter Meter is a compact design and help to measure pH, Conductivity, TDS and Temperature at the same time. An important feature of the testers is a replaceable electrode within a reusable tester body. The microprocessor-based meter gives accurate readings in fluctuating temperatures and can be easily calibrated. These meters are cost effective and come encased in a protective carrying pouch for safety and portability.portability.



  • Fast, Reliable and Accurate measurement.
  • Replaceable Electrode Module
  • Built-in Temperature Sensor
  • Auto Shut Off Function to Enhance Battery Life
  • Hold Function for Ease of Read & Record
  • Easy Calibration.
  • Available in a portable pouch.



Model No AM-P-AL
Parameter pH Conductivity TDS Temp.
Range 0.00 to 14.00 0 to 19999 μS/cm 1 to 19999 PPM 0 to 110 Deg C
Resolution 0.01 pH 1μS 1PPM 0.1 Deg C
Accuracy ±1% ±2% ±2% 0.2 Deg C
ATC 0 – 60 Deg C
Dimension 183 x 37 x 37 mm
Weight 90 g
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