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Rakiro Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Test Kit + TBC

Code : BS 103

Range : Density of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

Price(Rs) : 1375

Product Details

Pseudomonas commonly found in soil or water and is generally in slime form with a consistency range from that of molasses to rubber. It is extremely versatile as it thrives not only in normal atmospheres but also in hypoxic atmospheres and acquires immunity very rapidly to antibiotics. These species are sturdy organisms, able to live at very low oxygen tension and difficult to kill. They obtain their energy for living and multiplying either by oxidizing organic compounds or by fermentation. They are more or less free swimming in cooling water & thrive by oxidizing organic substrates to carbon dioxide. It also serves as a biding agent for accumulation of dirt or other organisms and if unchecked can form insulating sticky films on surface where it initiates under deposit corrosion. Pseudomonas is a highly relevant opportunistic human pathogen & has been incriminated in hospital acquired infections, in water supplies, soaps, ice and even disinfectants. Only Pseudomonas species will grow on BACTASLYDE and the colonies would be white, off white, red or green.


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