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Rakiro Bio Dispersant Chemical - Large System

Code : WT - A200

Range : Bio Dispersant For Large System

Price(Rs) : 242

Product Details

The accumulation of microbiological slimes, biofilm and general bio-fouling in cooling water systems reduces system efficiency, increases operating and maintenance costs. If ignored leads to under deposit and pitting type of corrosion. Our synthetic organic Biodispersant is effective in removing dead algal and slime mass from cooling system. It has a capacity to penetrate inside the thick algae mats on the cooling tower deck or fills and help the biocide to penetrate the biomass. It also has a deterrent effect and it cleans the system on line. Generally it is dosed prior to biocide or along with biocide to enhance its efficacy:



  • Improves penetration of biocide into biofilm.
  • Increases transport of biocide into cells.
  • Reduces oil and grease accumulations.
  • Effective with both oxidizing and non – oxidizing biocides.
  • Compatible with free halogen residual


We at RAKIRO BIOTECH SYS PVT LTD use best quality materials in manufacturing of these products.



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